jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Nobody's perfect .

You, you think you're perfect the most handsome
and you can take advantage of all the girls you want
because I may not have fallen into your trap but I realized
I was making a mistake you were not the one,
you were not good to me, were not the kind of guy
I was looking for, you were quite the opposite:
Children were silly looking and can you think
that you are but you do not believe fences.
Just you look at the physical not the way of being,
has come out with hundreds of girls and
I just felt like another stupid me more of your list.
I think I did the right thing, you call me a bitch and all
you want but I knew what he was doing and did the right thing now
I've forgotten you and I, I'm young I will live life and certainly
finds it better than you and comments from the other I do not care.
Do not believe anything you're not ;)
And i think you know ... I'm happy without you ;)

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Crazy ...... FOREVER ! :D ♥

Sonríe . :D

Sonríe siempre , cuando , donde quieras . Porque lo bueno de ellas es que no tienen precio .